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This event is a manifestation of our community, and our community values, and this Code of Conduct is a guide to help community members embody those values. We believe that dancing together is an intimate and emotionally vulnerable space of expression. We want to open ourselves up to the potential of dance for communication and community, while also treating that experience, and our attendees, with care.


We ask that you use this event as a place to keep your mind open, listen with empathy, and let your dancing and your presence become a stepping stone towards a more equitable community.


This code of conduct is a non-exclusive, living document - we welcome feedback by email at, and we ask attendees to treat this code as a foundation for behavior in situations where our policies are not clear. 

​Our guiding values at Montreal Bagel and Blues are:


  • People of all identities are welcome at our events. We have a particular responsibility to support attendees with marginalized identities,  and we will prioritize safety and equity over comfort as we make decisions.

  • We value consent, both verbal and nonverbal. We support saying no to anyone for anything, without giving a reason. We encourage attendees to speak and listen to each other.

Code of Conduct Policies


Racism, transphobia, ableism, and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated at this event. 


Be Mindful of Yourself and Others

We come to this community with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and experiences. We all have different needs and preferences. Use this as an invitation to state your boundaries, and listen when others ask for their own needs to be met. This includes respecting attendee requests to be referred to by specific names, pronouns etc. Respect people’s autonomy and right to consent throughout dances.Racism, transphobia, ableism, and other expressions of structural prejudice will not be tolerated at this event. 


Dance is not Sex

Consent on the dance floor is not consent to any form of romantic or sexual escalation. Check in about any holds and contact points outside of hands, waists, and backs. Conversations about new romantic or sexual connections should happen outside the dance space. Established connections should remain PG-13!


The Floor is for Dancing

Conversations should happen off the dance floor, and feedback - other than to prevent harm in the moment - should not be given unsolicited. Obtain verbal consent for any lifts or dips, and be mindful of the space around you as you dance. Remember that attendees of all genders may lead, follow, or switch, and that preferences can change.


Looking After Each Other

Do not wear strong fragrances, and check your clothes for pet dander and other allergens. Wash your hands after eating. If you are sick, stay home! Minors in the space may not, under any circumstances, be interacted with romantically or sexually, or offered any kind of intoxicant.


Looking After the Space

We do not permit weapons, non-medical drugs, or outside alcohol in this venue. Smoking and vaping may occur outside the building. Pick up after yourself, make sure to dispose of your trash and if you make a mess clean it up.


Looking After Yourself

If you are too drunk to drive, you are too drunk to dance. If you are impaired in any way that limits your ability to follow this policy, please take a break until you can do so again. 



Wristbands will be available for those who do not want to be photographed. Do not post or tag photos of others without consent, even if they are in the background of your shot. Do not video anyone without explicit permission, even if they are not the main focus of your frame. 


Be Part of the Team

Everyone in the community is responsible for the well-being of others. This includes making people feel welcome, educating yourself about community values, and helping people access care and support if they need it.

Scope and Enforcement

Any form of harassment or harm that is persistent, severe, or that continues after feedback, will be responded to as a major safety and access concern, whether or not it occurs at the event itself.  


Getting Support

The safety and access team can be reached through the following form.





QR codes to the reporting form will also be available at the event, and safety and access team members will be on shift through the event. You may indicate a preference on the form about who contacts you and how, but information will be shared with other members of the safety and access team unless doing so poses a specific safety risk. If you have a specific safety concern about the safety and access team, you should contact Jessika Duquette.


Thank you all for your help in creating this space and community.


This policy was based on a policy developed by Fen Kennedy and Jaesic Wade.

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